Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Makeup Making a Difference

I love mac cosmetics, not only because of their incredible variety of colors and products but also because of their desire as a company to make a difference. Since 1994 the MAC AIDS Fund has raised over $128 million dollars to help fight AIDS. They have a line of lipsticks and two shades of lipsglass called the Viva Glam line. All the proceeds from the purchase of Viva Glam products go directly to the MAC AIDS Fund. The Fund uses the money for grants and special initiatives. MAC cosmetics is also committed to helping the environment, for this reason they reward their customers for recycling with their Back to MAC Program. For every six packaging containers you return to MAC, you receive one lipglass or lipstick. I asked an employee what the company does with the recycled packaging, she told me they use the recycled materials to make play ground equipment for schools (although I am not sure if this is correct). The company also uses minimal packaging and vegetable-based inks for printing. they also use recycled paper and paperboard in their offices. This is a company at the forefront of popular cosmestics that is doing their part to create a better world. Some of my favorite products from MAC are mineralize skin finish and studio fix applied with the small buffer brush (which is also the perfect size for traveling) and the lip balm with SPF 12 (they usually sell these in seasonal scents and colors, which are always fabulous). Do it up!

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Hellen Harty said...

I didn't know all of this! That is so wonderful! And now I have a job so I'll have some sweet spending money! GONNA DO IT UP.