Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One Scarf at a Time

I was recently contacted by the lovely folks at Cambodian Threads. It thrilled me to learn about the company and to have a new friend in the fashion world. Cambodian Threads provides fair trade silk scarves made by the Heng family in Cambodia. This family of artisans practices the ancient craft of hand weaving silk in a sweat-shop free environment. Because of the great skill and time that it takes to craft each of these one of a kind scarves, the family is only able to produce 50 a month. These exclusive scarves range from $15 (on sale) to $26 (full price). They are very affordable, high quality and beautiful.

Through the support of Cambodian Threads, the Heng family has been able to turn their craft into a livelihood. For each scarf that the company sells, they purchase school supplies for ten Cambodian children. Cambodian Threads keeps a simple website that has a brief description of the company and its vision, scarves are also available for purchase on the site. The founders of the company have a fabulous blog that has detailed descriptions of their travels in Cambodia, the Heng family and the members of their village, pictures, and updates about the company. The stories are detailed, interesting and very inspiring and are worth a read.

Cambodian Treads was kind enough to send me a blue-gray scarf and I am completely smitten. It is light weight, drapes well and is perfect for spring, summer and fall weather. My roommate and I are going to put together a little photoshoot with the scarf, so come back soon for pictures! And visit Cambodian Threads to get yourself and every one on your Christmas list a special and affordable gift, that gives back!


yu yu said...

green with envy

Brad Fallon said...

Lovely scarf.

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