Friday, January 8, 2010

Bicycle Post #1

Bikes! What is not to love? A fashionable form of transportation that is good for the environment and gives your legs a great workout (so they look fab in mini skirts)! My best friend Nick built me a beautiful 1972 Centurion a couple of years ago and it immediately became one of my favorite possessions. I often come across pictures of fashionable folks on their bikes and I have decided to start posting them here. Hope you enjoy the ride and much as I do.

This man is so adorable. The epitome of a stylish bike rider! I want a red satchel just like his for my bike. It is the perfect accessory and I love that he highlighted it with a matching red scarf.

Picture from Sartorialist


A and A said...

ahhhk... I can't decide which I want to take home more... the bike or the man. love this photo... love your blog.

love from SF,

AMIT said...

Like your blog and bicycle photo too.

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