Monday, January 4, 2010


In an earlier post I mentioned different places to get second hand and vintage items. One amazing website I failed to mention is Etsy. This site is great because it is a much smaller scale than Ebay (meaning it is easy to search on), but still has a huge variety. You can shop for vintage, handmade, supplies or even shop by a seller's name. You also have the option of shopping locally (support your economy and the enviornment)! My friend Abby just recently started her own vintage shop called Leather Lace and Velvet Vintage (search the sellers for leatherlaceandvelvet). She has already added some pretty incredible items, including a vintage tank covered in wolves (which I am lusting after). Another fun thing about Etsy is that you can purchase one of a kind hand made crafts and even clothing. My friend Yu Yu is a clothing designer and sells some of her designs through Etsy. You can check her sweet duds out at FreeApples (again, search for this name under sellers). Enjoy the search!

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Sara said...

Etsy is my best friend. She takes all my money, but she gives me some of the best stuff.

Worth it.